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......... students who desire to enter into the delights of advanced study in order that they may lead responsible and purposeful lives in the stirring times of today, in the belief that the College years are crucial in training and shaping the professionals of tomorrow.

          From its inception the College has been rooted deeply in the spirit of the oneness of God and Universal Brotherhood of Man. Therefore, the portals of the College have been kept open for all eligible students from all parts of the country and the world irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Cultural and spiritual unity is encouraged in the day-to-day life with in the College campus.

          The College maintains high standards of excellence in the academic sphere and in the physical amenities and facilities intended to implement the educational programme. The College endeavours to enroll students who hold before themselves high standards of performance, discipline and achievement.


Career guidance

         The centre renders help to students who seek career information. It helps the student develop a career plan which includes assessing skills and interest. Giving them inputs about the occupation that they seek to pursue. Once the student decides on what career matches up best with him, then a plan is derived to reach him career goal. In this process if further training is required then the student is helped with information about the kind of training programs that best meet the career goal. The centre also assists students about job-hunting tips, how to prepare resumes and practice job interviewing techniques. Various National and Multi-national companies approach the centre for part-time and full-time job opportunities for students who are still pursuing their education and for students who have completed their education.












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